Since 2010, Rhythms has also become a leading international exam board, an autonomous education board that has provided tests all over the world virtual and online. We specialise in evaluating communicative and performance skills in Indian and Western styles of music, dance, and visual arts.

With over 12,000 candidates a year in more than 15 countries worldwide, Rhythms qualifications are specifically designed to support career opportunities.

Our goal is to motivate teachers and students to follow high-quality, well-structured assessments that are challenging to learn for, satisfying to teach, and improve industry-relevant skills.


  • Our credentials assist candidates in progressing by offering carefully levelled stepping stones that increase morale and enjoyment while continuing to stretch and test them.
  • Our versatile exams encourage candidates to perform to their strengths and interests
  • Candidates of all ages and races are eligible to apply for our certifications.
  • We aim to design assessments that have a positive impact on student learning, engagement and achievement.