Teaching Faculty

Rhythms has in its faculty team over 125 highly skilled, diligent, qualified professionals. Having trained by experts and proficient masters of different genres, they play a significant role in the learning path of every student. They create an ideal and supportive environment essential for learners to develop interest and grow further in the subject opted. They bring their vast experience to the classroom and encourage the students to be expressive in their chosen field.


.Mr. Shankar S
Mr. Karthik Jayaprakash
Mr. Selva Kumar S
Mr. Anish Gupta
Mr. Rahul Shivakumar
Mr. Abin Thej
Mr. Anand Shakthivelu
Mr. David Boon
Mr. Krupa Lawrence
Mr. Mickey
Dr. Priya Andrew
Mr. Pani Bhushan R N
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